Shop Labor Rate is $75.00 per hour

Homeowner Service

Here at Brunswick Home and Garden, we take many things into account when servicing your machine. One of the most common question we get is "How much is this going to cost?" With this in mind, we have what is called a shop rate. Shop rate is a maximum amount of money it will take to service a unit to a safe and useable state. Your unit goes through several stages before it is determined what the estimated cost of repairs will be, and if it will exceed the shop rate. Factors such as age of the unit, degree of service needed and the total estimated cost of repairs versus replacement of the unit. If the estimated cost of repair for your unit is under the shop rate for it's type, we will then proceed with repair of your unit. If the cost is higher than the shop rate, we will contact you and see where you want to go with service. It's this system of maximum service rates that allows us to service multiple pieces of equipment quickly, while lowering the bottom line for the customer.

Estimate Fees

When we take in equipment, a deposit is required. This deposit will be applied to the cost of repairs if repairs are completed. If the unit is in a state where repair is not possible or cost effective, this is applied as a estimate fee. This is designed to cover the costs of the mechanic reviewing the equipment.

Pickup and Delivery Service

This is a service that we offer where the price scales based on the mileage to the destination and back to our shop. Please give us a call or a submit a service request for a quote!

Home Standby Generator Service

We are a warranty center for

  • Briggs and Stratton

  • Kohler

  • Generac

  • General Electric

  • Winco

We offer several kinds of home standby generator care. The majority of our customers sign a service contract, ensuring that their unit is seen yearly at a regular interval. Service contract customers enjoy a discounted rate, and have access to our 24 hour emergency line.

Annual service for contracted customers range between $200-$250 depending on location. This includes labor and materials. Emergency service requires an hourly rate that includes travel time and mileage.

Unscheduled service requests during business hours have a labor rate of $85 per hour, and $125 per hour outside of our scheduled business hours. Mileage and travel time are not included in this rate, and are an additional charge.

During a outage, customers under contract receive priority scheduling to resolve their generator issues.

To maintain the highest quality service to you, our technicians regularly attend factory authorized schooling to keep up to date on industry standards and changes. This constant attention to changes in the industry allows us to sell and service the newest technology available.